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Thursday, March 11, 2021

Lindsay Massillon Quoted in New Jersey Law Journal Article, "Lawyers: 'False Sense of Liberation' at Home Fuels Spike in Workplace Sexual Harassment"

Shareholder Lindsay M. Massillon was quoted in the Jersey Law ​Journal article, "Lawyers: 'False Sense of Liberation' at Home Fuels Spike in Workplace Sexual Harassment.'" The article discusses the growing trend in workplace sexual harassment via electronic communication while working remotely.

Lindsay Massillon, an employment law shareholder, agreed that the upheaval of working from home during a pandemic creates a need for an employer to remind its workers of the procedures for reporting sexual harassment. “That’s something that may get lost. A lot of people are feeling isolated in all this and they may feel HR is not there,” she said.

Massillon said employment lawyers should work with employers to ensure their harassment, anti-discrimination and social media policies are written in a way to apply to the virtual workplace. Massillon also said sexual harassment training seminars for employees are still important for companies whose workers are remote.

“Just because we are social distancing, we’re not close to each other and maybe you can’t physically touch someone, that doesn’t mean that sexual harassment, in the eyes of the law, ceases to operate,” Massillon said. “People need to realize they are still being held to the same standard and their comments can be deemed inappropriate,” she said.

To read the full article, click here. 

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