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Thursday, July 13, 2023

IN THE NEWS: 'Bold-Faced Liar': Fowler White Beats $50M Personal Injury Lawsuit Spanning 7 Years

A Miami state court jury returned a complete defense verdict for Fowler White client. In asking jurors to return a $50 million verdict, a South Florida rainmaker left a Miami state courtroom in silence during closing arguments when he called a defendant a "bold-faced liar." Still Fowler White attorneys obtained a complete defense verdict after seven years of litigation. 

Fowler White Shareholders, Bruno Renda (lead counsel), Allan R. Kelley, and Cameron W. Eubanks (appellate counsel) obtained a complete defense verdict on behalf of their clients, BOS Transport, LLC and commercial driver, Orestes Zamora Fleites in this ferociously-litigated case that lasted seven years.

As part of its trial strategy, Fowler White’s Transportation Division includes a member of its appellate practice group, Cameron Eubanks, to preserve error for appeal and argue evidentiary issues, which frees up trial counsel to focus on the trial.         

After two hours of deliberating, the six-person jury found that the defendants did not cause the accident and could not have avoided it.

Case statistics:

  • Two trucks and a passenger vehicle crash on I-95 in 2016
  • Two fatalities, including a child, and another seriously brain injured child
  • Original complaint was filed in 2016
  • Three amended complaints
  • Four defendants (two commercial drivers and their employers)
  • Six judges (trial judge was William Thomas)
  • More than 150 depositions
  • Well over 2,100 court filings
  • Two interlocutory appeals
  • Multiple prior trial settings
  • A non-binding arbitration
  • More than half of Lead Counsel Bruno Renda’s career

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