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Monday, June 10, 2019

Susan Aprill Presents at Statewide College of Advanced Judicial Studies to Circuit Judges

We are pleased to announce that Shareholder Susan Aprill recently participated as a faculty member at the College of Advanced Judicial Studies four-day program at SeaWorld in Orlando, Florida on May 28, 2019.

The College provides continuing legal education for state court judges. At its latest program, Ms. Aprill spoke and moderated sessions in a full-day class titled "Confidentiality for Civil Judges" to an audience of 32 judges. The program was designed to further educate attendees on the presumptive openness of judicial proceedings and court records, addressing situations such as when a judge can close a courtroom to the public, seal records, issue gag orders or limit cameras. The program explored the longest rule in the Rules of Judicial Administration and addressed situations where confidentiality may and may not be warranted. Additional program topics included a look at the new exemptions to the Public Records Act passed in the 2019 Legislative session and the Sunshine in Litigation Act, which prevents parties from concealing public hazards in confidential agreements.

As a long-time member of the Florida Bar's Media and Communications Law Committee, Ms. Aprill is a contributing author to The Reporter's Handbook, co-authoring chapters on "Defamation" and  "Reporter's Qualified Privilege".   

Ms. Aprill practices civil litigation and has represented real estate developers and owners; defendants in aircraft litigation, limousine companies, doctors and other health care providers, the press, officers and directors of homeowners and condominium associations, and a variety of domestic and foreign businesses across multiple industries in complex commercial matters. She has been court appointed as a receiver on several occasions, as well as a special master and mediator. 

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