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Thursday, November 21, 2019

Walter Latimer and Bruno Renda Present at Strafford Live Webinar on "Motor Carrier Claims for Negligent Entrustment, Hiring and Retention"

Walter Latimer and Bruno Renda spoke in a Strafford live webinar, "Motor Carrier Claims for Negligent Entrustment, Hiring and Retention," on Tuesday December 3rd.

Success on negligent entrustment, hiring or retention claims may result in increased compensatory damages, the potential for punitive damages, expanded discovery, and evidentiary and admissibility advantages for the victim. However, proving or defending these claims can be time consuming and expensive.

This panel guided personal injury counsel in elements of each claim, defense theory, apportioning liability and damages, impact of admission, best practices for defense counsel, and more. Panelists also covered other pressing issues such as: what are the legal and practical considerations for personal injury attorneys pursuing these claims, and what defenses are often raised in these claims? As well as how to think outside of the box regarding potential claims in a truck case, maximizing recovery for your client.

For more information on the webinar, click here.

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