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Health Care

Health care laws and regulations are constantly changing and becoming more stringent. Fowler White's Health Care Group applies its comprehensive resources and solid understanding of the health care industry to tackle the complex challenges that face this heavily regulated arena.

Our attorneys have successfully represented diverse segments of the health care industry, including health care systems, hospitals, group homes and assisted living facilities, medical equipment and supply manufacturers, drug manufacturers and distributors, as well as physicians and other medical practitioners. Our attorneys have also represented those with interests in obtaining decisions related to Medicare.

Our health care litigators take nuanced and novel approaches in the court room to address complex legal issues and provide strategic guidance on evolving health care laws, regulations and policy developments. Our combined knowledge of the health care industry, health care laws and the legal system allows us to analyze a clients entire situation in order to develop a legal strategy that best fits our client’s short and long term business mission.

By bringing together attorneys from fields including corporate, real estate, employment and other areas, Fowler White provides an integrated and efficient approach to successfully managing the number of legal and business issues that impact the health care industry.